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Scott Bokma: self-taught artist with a creative mind

Posted on 20 July 2016


Scott Bokma introduces us to his artwork and favorite medium for his drawings and paintings. 

Laura Little Curated: What do you design/create?

Scott Bokma: I create drawings and paintings of random ideas and thoughts that pop into my head. Sometimes they are one-off creations and other times they become a series that roll on for days, weeks and months. I am seeing every day items a little bit differently, which usually leads me to these random images and the need to scribble them down in my sketchbook for possible future use.

Laura Little Curated: What is your favorite medium and why?

Scott Bokma: Ink has always been my go to medium, but recently…I've been exploring watercolors and ink. Ink has been my way to get an idea out and more finalized in line work, while watercolors has become my next step in adding details, depth and more personality to the idea. I feel both mediums have a lot of room for explorations while seeing the idea take form.

Laura Little Curated: What is your favorite piece from your collection and why?

Scott Bokma: I've been creating art my whole life and it has taken many different forms, so it's tough to pick just one piece. I guess my favorite piece would be the ones I'm currently working on. It's amazing to see an idea flow out onto paper to begin to take shape, which gives me new ideas where to take the piece and ways to try new things to help this idea towards it's final stage.

Laura Little Curated: How would you describe your artistic style?

Scott Bokma: I am self-taught, so it's a bit all over the place as I like to explore and try new things. A consistent style has always been a sort of creepy, playful, lowbrow theme with a twisted on everyday items.

Laura Little Curated: What's on your music play list currently?

Scott Bokma: Recently I've dived back into music from my teenage years of punk/metal: DRI, Gwar, Anthrax, Iron Madian, NOFX, Megadeth, System of a Down, Slayer.

Laura Little Curated: If you could pick one artist that you admire who would it be and why?

Scott Bokma: I have always admired H.R. Giger since I first saw his work in the 80s. The dream state of depth, creatures, horrors, sexuality, human/machine becoming one and seeing something new every time you look at his work. His work always inspires me to create, try new things, fail, push myself and just have fun while seeing where my art will take me.

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