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Beezie Textiles: a textile brand made perfectly for home goods

Posted on 13 July 2016


Beezie Textiles

Barrie Cohen introduces us to her brand, Beezie textiles, and explains where her inspiration comes from.

Laura Little Curated: What do you design/Create?

Barrie: I make naturally dyed textiles and home goods—primarily wall hangings, quilts and blankets. My background is in farming so the biggest thrill for me is using plants to make color. I try to source all of the plants I use for dye locally from markets and florists and am big on hiking so I forage as much as I can. I also try and repurpose fabric as much as possible. Each item is handmade and one of a kind.

Laura Little Curated: What is it that you love about textiles?

Barrie: I love the history behind it. I feel like quilting especially used to be so common and is a bit of a lost art and tradition. Living in New York, and generally being scatter brained and reliant on technology, quilting and using natural dyes forces me to slow down a bit.

Laura Little Curated: What is your favorite item from your collection and why?

Barrie: My favorite item is a twin sized patchwork quilt that I made. It was the first big item that I made that I was really happy with. It is made with shibori indigo dyed cotton and old denim shirts. It is super soft and beautiful. Before this quilt I was intimidated to make larger pieces. Once I finished it I felt pretty proud of myself and inspired to keep working. Sometimes I debate whether or not to sell it because I love it so much but ultimately I hope that it finds a good home.

Laura Little Curated: How would you describe your home style? What is your favorite home item?

Barrie: I am definitely a homebody so I like to keep my home warm and cozy. That’s one of the reasons I love making home goods so much. My favorite home item is my couch. It’s where I spend the most time in my apartment sewing, reading, watching tv and chatting with friends. It’s also the softest thing I’ve ever bought. I didn’t take into account how small my stairwell is so it had to be broken apart by someone called Dr. Sofa and reassembled in my living room. I actually loved watching the team reassemble the couch and I feel comforted knowing that it’s going to be in my apartment with me for quite some time.

Laura Little Curated: What's on your music play list currently?

Barrie: When I find songs I like I tend to repeat them to death. The two songs I’m playing on repeat right now are “Location” by Khalid and “Lifted” by Palmistry. They both have dancey beats and I can’t get enough of them.

Laura Little Curated: What advice would you give a new designer?

Barrie: It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated when a design doesn't come out the way you want it to. The best thing I’ve learned is to step away from doing anything creative when that happens and go for a walk around the block—or whatever you like to do to clear your head—so that you don’t get bogged down by the results and can just focus on the process. I find that the pieces I like the most are the ones I enjoyed making.

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