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Tout Est Nails, Tout Est Bombe!

Posted on 19 October 2015

Tout Est Bombe

Nail art is an emerging form of expression on the beauty and street style scene, and we were lucky enough to find a way in through Nail voyeur and industry insider Nikiba Marshall.

She introduced us to artist Blizzy from "Tout Est Bombe" and managed to get us an interview and a nail art demo locked down for our event on 10/22. 


LAURA LITTLE CURATED:  What do you design? / Create?

BLIZZY: I am a certified nail artist/tech and creator of women's lifestyle brand, Tout Est Bombe

LAURA LITTLE CURATED:  How long have you been creating?

BLIZZY: All my life, pretty much. 

LAURA LITTLE CURATED: Who's a iconic inspiration to you? Why?

BLIZZY: I honestly find the most inspiration in myself...but I’m constantly inspired by anyone who recognizes the importance of color. Why? Color transcends thought, it controls how you feel and tells a story without saying a word. I love that power. 

Nails by Blizzy @ Tout Est Bombe

LAURA LITTLE CURATED: What are you wearing? and by whom?

BLIZZY: Crewneck - Claw Money, dark denim, Nike Dunk Hi Wedge

LAURA LITTLE CURATED: What is the last album you listened to?

BLIZZY: What A Time To Be Alive - Drake & Future

LAURA LITTLE CURATED: What are you reading?

BLIZZY: Social media feeds, Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso


Tout Est Bombe


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