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We Need Art, Here's Why.

Posted on 06 July 2015

If there is one constantly changing element in life that gives peace, it’s art. Art in its many forms-dance, music, photography has been able to maintain its integral beauty of interpretation through the test of time. With our hectic lives, many of us have taken  art for granted. If your blinking, then that’s probably you. When was the last time you purchased a piece of art?

Art has the ability of conveying an entire experience complete with emotions and sounds without uttering a single word. Why wouldn’t you want this magic in your home or office?

Take the iconic photograph, V-J Day in Times Square. That one photograph perfectly captured a moment of pure spontaneity and victory as an American sailor kisses a woman among the celebration in Times Square. Although the photo was taken in 1945, we still see variations of it everywhere. Check out the image as a psychedelic mural on New York’s High Line!


Original photograph V-J in Times Square taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt in 1945



Wall mural by V-J Times Square by Eduardo Kobra in 2012


Art adds that special something to commonality, and art is everywhere. It’s in nature, buildings, fashion, and even in our homes. So spice up your art life and get creative! express yourself! Pick up a statement necklace, use a colored pencil, purchase a piece of art from a local artist. We need art because art makes us happy.


The Dead Sea by Laura Little Curated



Sea Shell Necklaces by Laura Little Curated                           


Contributing writer Christine Huang

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